Volvo S60R V70R 04-07 Lower Intercooler pipe, Black-TR-X70R-UD-S-NordicSpeed
HFD = High Flow Design from do88. Intercooler pipe designed for improved airflow! Very popular intercooler piping kit for anyone who has a tuned Volvo S60R / V70R.

This intercooler pipe kit replaces the original plastic intercooler pipe! This pipe have a larger diameter compared to original pipe for improved airflow! Everything is included in this kit to replacee the lower intercooler pipe. This is a well-worked intercooler pipe kit with excellent fit and finish. This kit will handle very high boost pressure, the stock plastic intercooler pipes often cracks even at little higher boost pressure than stock.

The silicone hoses in this kit are a much stronger alternative to original hoses! Our hoses have 4 layers with reinforcement compared to original hoses have only 1 layer. Another advantage of our hoses is the silicone material that withstands high temperature for long time.

This makes our intercooler piping kit a very good upgrade for those who have a tuned or will tune his car.

When you order this kit, there are two choices that needs to me made:

1. Color: Three different hose colors are available Blue / Black / Red. There are no performance difference between the different colors, choose which color you think will be best for your car.

2. External BOV outlet: If you want to install an aftermarket BOV on your car you can get a 38mm (1,5 inch) connection on the lower intercooler pipe, then choose Yes. If you want to continue to use the stock BOV (integrated in the turbo) them choose No.
Color: Black
Fits: Volvo S60R
Year models: 2004-2007
Engine: 300hp B5254T4

Volvo V70R
Year models: 2004-2007
Engine: 300hp B5254T4
Parts included: Everything needed to the lower intercooler pipe:
- Lower intercooler pipe 2,75‰۝ (polished stainless steel).
- Silicone hoses
- Hose clamps
- Silicone cap for the brake vacuum hose connection on the intercooler pipe. This connection is not used on all year models.