Volvo 7/940 Turbo Center Connection pipe kit ,black hoses ,standard throttle body-TR-940-S-63-NordicSpeed
HFD = High Flow Design from do88. Intercooler pipes designed for improved airflow! Very popular intercooler piping kit for anyone who has a tuned Volvo 740 / 940.

This intercooler piping kit replaces all original pipes and rubber hoses! These pipes have a larger diameter compared to original pipes for improved airflow! Everything is included in this kit to both original intercooler pipes.

The silicone hoses in this kit are a much stronger alternative to original hoses! Our hoses have 4 layers with reinforcement compared to original hoses have only 1 layer. Another advantage of our hoses is the silicone material that withstands high temperature for long time.

This makes our intercooler piping kit a very good upgrade for those who have a tuned or will tune his car.

When you order this kit, there are two choices that needs to me made:

1. Color: Three different hose colors are avalible Blue / Black / Red. There are no performance difference between the different colors, choose which color you think will be best for your car.

2.  Throttle body size:
      "63mm Standard" if you have the original throttle body on your car.
      "76mm ( 3inch )" if you have switched to a 3 inch throttle body.

Note: Pipe between turbo and intercooler will not fit together with standard air filter box.
Color: Black
Fits: Volvo 740
Year models: 1992
Engine: Turbo B230FT
Fits both cars with manual and automatic gearbox

Volvo 940
Year models: 1992-1998
Engine: Turbo B230FT
Fits both cars with manual and automatic gearbox
Cars with AC
Parts included: Everything needed to change the original intercooler pipes:
- 2x 2.5" Alumnium intercooler pipes
- 4x Silicone hoses
- 8x Hose clamps